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Yehuda Handelsman, an endocrinologist in Tarzana, Calif. Many of us never thought the information brought against the drug was very scientifically solid or correct," Handelsman said of the announcement. For his part, Dr. John Sutherland, program director emeritus at Northeast Iowa Medical Education Foundation, said he has been slowly shifting his at-risk patients off Avandia, but said he has a few remaining patients on the drug.

Given the recent evidence that further risks were withheld by GlaxoSmithKline, he said that "we have made a decision to have all of [the few remaining patients on Avandia] switched to another therapy at this time. Eric Larson, executive director of Group Health Research Institute, said he does not prescribe Avandia and even cancelled a research study on the drug after earlier reports of the drug's toxicity. After two years of hearings, the committee released a report accusing GSK of intimidating physicians, suppressing critics and hiding negative data while marketing Avandia.

The Archives of Internal Medicine published a non-randomized analysis of mortality data among elderly patients in November Recall Given the results of Avandia studies, the FDA in September restricted Avandia sales to those already taking it and to new patients who cannot control their Type 2 diabetes with other medications. Avandia was Glaxo's third best-selling drug in with U. In an analysis of dozens of studies first linked the drug to heart attacks. The FDA responded by adding a warning label to the drug later that year.

Glaxo, based in London, has argued for years that Avandia's safety should be assessed only based on clinical trials, considered the gold standard of medical research. But the FDA reviewer said Glaxo's chief trial "was inadequately designed and conducted to provide any reassurance" about the heart safety of Avandia.

Jennifer Ashton recommends diabetes patients speak to their doctors about their options. And we know there are other treatments.

At FDA's request, Glaxo agreed in to conduct a six-year study between its drug and Actos, to give a definitive picture of Avandia's safety. The study, which will involve 16, participants, is still enrolling patients. But FDA researchers quoted in the report called the study "unethical and exploitative," since patients will continue taking Avandia, a drug with known risks, over Actos, which has not shown any links to heart prblems.

Since therapy should be individualized, no dose adjustments are necessary based on gender alone. As a result, unbound Cmax and AUC0-inf were increased 2- and 3-fold, respectively. Elimination half-life for rosiglitazone was about 2 hours longer in patients with liver disease, compared with healthy subjects.

There are no clinically relevant differences in the pharmacokinetics of rosiglitazone in patients with mild to severe renal impairment or in hemodialysis-dependent patients compared with subjects with normal renal function. No dosage adjustment is therefore required in such patients receiving Avandia.

Since metformin is contraindicated in patients with renal impairment, coadministration of metformin with Avandia is contraindicated in these patients.

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